Navy Arms Enfield #4 Mk 1 .303 World War II French Resistance with matching bolt, 1944 date M47/C "PP" marked

Navy Arms Enfield #4 Mk 1 .303 World War II French Resistance with matching bolt, brass buttplate, 1944 date M47/C "PP" marked

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Navy Arms has imported a small group of original World War II dated Enfield #4 Mark 1 rifles in .303 British that were provided to French resistance fighters and commandos and helped liberate Europe from Nazi occupation. These guns were dropped by parachute by the thousands into France by the Allies in large metal pods. These guns were purchased directly from the French Government who had them stored in deep underground caves in Southern France and have an unusual "PP" marking designator on them. . Each rifle comes with the original World War II issued sling still on the rifles! (This is how they were stored, having never taken them off) and the bolt has the original factory serial number in the gun. Has the #4 Mk II style stamped rear sight as shown, bores are excellent with little to no wear and no pitting, bright and shiny! Wood is original walnut, no cracks, with original finish and inspection marks/cartouches intact with brass buttplate. This model is an M47/C marked guns, meaning they were made by Birmingham Small Arms - Shirley plant. All of this model are 1944 dated as well. There is a factory "PP" mark on the wrist of the guns as shown, as well as an additional storage number with a "PP" Prefix on the receivers, which was put on by the French Government at the end of the war as a unique reference number for each gun. The French government had stored these guns without the magazines over 75 years ago deep inside underground caves, and in that time has misplaced them, so each rifle comes with a Navy Arms Parker-Hale reproduction magazine made in the identical style as the originals. These are truly exceptional examples of World War II Enfield #4 Mk 1 rifles. There is a very limited supply, do not miss out on adding this unique example to your collection.
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