MAC 50 Pistol SN H5746

• Weight: 30oz. • BBL Length: 4.4” • OAL: 7.7” • Caliber: 9x19 (9mm Parabellum) • Capacity: 9 rounds. • Action: Single Action

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Navy Arms has successfully imported the first group of French MAC 50 pistols ever seen on the U.S. collector’s market. These guns were made by Manufacture d'armes de Châtellerault in the 1960s and are Curio and Relic arms that can be shipped directly to an 03 C&R License Holder. The MAC 50 is chambered in 9mm Parabellum and comes with one (1) original factory 9-round magazine, original issue OD green web holster, cleaning rod and lanyard loop. Every gun is hand-inspected before packaging to ensure it is complete and in good working order. Each gun is being individually listed, by serial number, on Navy Arms’ Old Western Scrounger website complete with individual photos of each gun so that you, the collector, can virtually hand-select your gun and see the exact condition and serial number prefix of that gun before buying. This is a H-prefix gun, of which we received less than 20 examples of. An extremely rare code. There are also listings for a very limited number of MAC 50 pistols available, including a very small number of consecutive serial numbered guns including 2, 3, 4 and 5 consecutive number groups. Original factory made spare magazines are also available, (limit 2 per customer).
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