1916 Mauser 7x57 - Bbl Action & Parts Kit


I bought 2 of these rifles. I'll say this: I bought a couple Yugo M24 "gunsmith specials" from another website last year for $180 each, shipped. Those guns were ROUGH. The 2 Spanish Mausers I got from these guys were also rough...but, barrels, receivers and bolts were in great shape (after serious cleaning). On one rifle, there was a large chunk missing out of butt end (fixed/shaped with wood putty epoxy) but looks great after refinishing. On second rifle, stock greasy and dirty, only issue was piece broke off of handguard, also repaired. I loved these so much I bought a couple more--I like getting these old rifles rangeworthy again. And lastly--OWS was great to work with. I highly recommend these guys!
Date Added: 04/09/2017 by David Miller

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