1916 Mauser 7x57 - Bbl Action & Parts Kit

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I got a couple of these and they did required some cleaning for sure. All had been arsenal refinished at some point in their long life and original marking were either obliterated or heavily buffed but I did get lucky in that one still retained faint Loewe arsenal markings. I used a Frontier "Big 45" metal cleaner and that did wonders for the finish! it is a ball of coiled metal strips that removed rust yet didn't harm the bluing at all, in fact, seemed to improve it! I didn't find any cracked stocks however the hand guards were split at the receiver end, an easy repair. One rifle would not fire, it appears the trigger can't move rearward enough to release the sear, bit of filing on the floorplate should fix that. There was pitting on the barrel underneath the stock buty not severe. Bores were dark, pitted and dirty, not sure a patch will ever come clean out of there but we'll see how they shoot. All in all, I am well satisfied, not many bargains in C&R rifles these days but I's say these qualify.
Date Added: 03/04/2017 by Danny Henson
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