Gibbs Matra 30-round steel AK47 magazine 7.62x39


I first saw these on MrGunsNGear channel on *ou* and purchased 5 right away. --- After trying them in my AMD-65 and my friends Yugo I simply fell in love with them and ordered 10 more. --- They fit perfectly in both rifles, the BHO follower worked as designed. --- Made by Matra in Bosnia, these magazines exude reliability. --- I sold all of my *ag*ul magazines in favor of these com-bloc beauties. --- Thank you GIBBS for giving us a reliable, cost effective magazine for our AK-47 family of rifles. --- P.S. the smell of these magazines, yes smell, will stir up images of cold Russian winters standing watch against a war that never came to be.
Date Added: 07/02/2015 by Kevin Valonis

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